For generations King Zolf expanded the borders of his empire, crushing all who stand in his way.  Only the Chosen can end his reign, but Zolf’s agents destroy them before they ever have a chance.

After escaping an assassination attempt, fourteen year old Jade learns she is more than a sardonic thief.  In addition to discovering a latent ability to transform matter at will, she finds that she is one of the Chosen.  She must uncover the secrets to being a Chosen, elude scores of assassins, and master her dangerous gift before it claims her soul.

JADED is a 99,000 word young adult fantasy novel.  It is similar to Terry Pratchet’s Discworld series in tone and Piers Anthony’s Xanth series in wonder.  The link will take you to the first few chapters.



Revelc Sly: A Fable

Revelc Sly is a heroic fox and self proclaimed protector of the forest, though not all animals appreciate her efforts.  When devious minds plot to destroy the forest, Revelc must spring their trap before her friends are killed.  She quickly learns that her unseen enemies have plans within plans and she is quickly thrust in a race for not only her own life, but for the future of the forest as well.

REVELC SLY: A FABLE is a 25,000 word novella with a fast pace which speeds you through a life and death struggle twisting through Tresof forest faster than a fox.

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