How I saved the world. Free Billion dollar idea…

I did it.

I figured out the answer.

This is a million dollar, check that, billion, or maybe just a few bucks, whatever, shut up.


Why am I giving this away?

Well, I think it’s mainly because this idea could really save lives, and help millions of people and actually save lives. It’s such a good idea that it needs to be shared.  The more people working on this, the faster it gets out, and the more lives get saved.  If you are the one that ultimately perfects my idea, please shave off 5-10% of your billions of dollars and remember me.  I’m not greedy, I’d be happy with just a few hundred million.

Ok, enough build up… are you ready?


-Deep Breath-

Ok. First, the background.

One disease I see in the ER that destroys lives of both patients and families is alcoholism.  Not only this, but I often have patients who truly want to quit, but due to limited resources, they may not be able to get into a rehab program for weeks or even months.

Also, one of the most upsetting, infuriating, maddening events in the ER is when drunk drivers ruin lives. It becomes more upsetting when this person repeats this mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some hard cider (Vandermill’s cider = YUMMY!), but irresponsible drinkers that hurt people when drunk… man if only we could stop this.

So, how to intervene?

More background…

There is an implantable medical device called the Norplant (here’s the link to Wikipage).

In brief, it is a device implanted in the arm that prevents pregnancy for about five years.

Cool, right?

This is where my inspiration came from.

There is also a medication that assists people trying to stop drinking.  It is called Antabuse.

If you drink alcohol while taking Antabuse you feel absolutely terrible. Even small amounts of alcohol cause vomiting and misery, thus alcohol is avoided. Simple right? The problem is, if you stop taking the Antabuse, then you can drink as much as you like.




What if an implantable Antabuse medication existed?  If a patient really wanted to stop drinking and had this implanted, I think it would really work.

On the other hand, I doubt forcing this upon people who had been convicted of drunk driving could ever happen.  Is drinking alcohol a right?

What if someone repeatedly drinks and drives and accidentally injured people?


I don’t know, I’ve seen too many people hurt by people drinking and making terrible decisions.


What do you think?  Am I crazy, or do you think this would work?


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