ER Quotes: Episode 13

Some random things overheard around an ER. Enjoy.     Chief Complaint: “Unresponsive. No Other Complaints.”           Nurse (about patient screaming from their hangnail pain): “Dr. Ama. Paging Dr.Ama…”   Inebriate in Hall (screaming): “I have an idea. Wait. No. I THINK I have an idea!: […]

Feces on a stick (huge street vender fly selling shit)

ER Quotes, Round 11

Some quotes heard in some ER somewhere.     Random ER person: I just unleashed a dump the entire length of my colon Nurse:  And I bet the turd gobbler just wouldn’t eat the whole thing         Nurse (getting a temperature on young child) Mom: At home […]

ED Quotes #10

  Things overheard in the ER, round 10.   Nurse on phone: “Oh, well, that’s nice that you’re going to donate your body.”       Doctor: “So why is he here?” Police: “Yeah, um, I guess he was attacking a house with a spatula.”         Nurse: […]

Quotes #7

The freshest batch of random quotes overheard in the ER:     Rob:  “I’d rather bad pizza than good kimchi”       Nurse:  “Well, no, I mean, I’m really getting much older” Rob:  “Is there anyone ever who can’t make that statement?”         Patient:  “How do […]

Quotes #6

Things overheard in the ER…   Doc:  “He is just so fricking tight…  I mean his lungs.  I hate you guys.”     Nurse: “I think I’ve found out the mystery of my poop”     Doc to Resident:   “So what’s wrong with her” Resident:  “Um, well, she’s old?” […]

Quotes #5

A few things overheard in the ER… oh, and a dictation for you to read at the end   PA:  Aricept may be a Alzheimer’s drug, but it sounds like someone mixing it on a turn-table Rob: What? Pa: Arr-arr arr- arr- arrrrricept! Rob: Or a rapping pirate?     […]