Feces on a stick (huge street vender fly selling shit)

ER Quotes, Round 11

Some quotes heard in some ER somewhere.     Random ER person: I just unleashed a dump the entire length of my colon Nurse:  And I bet the turd gobbler just wouldn’t eat the whole thing         Nurse (getting a temperature on young child) Mom: At home […]


Bum the Wonderdog

I love dogs, but this story is about a dog I don’t love.  That dog was named Bum.  Bum’s stupidity nearly ruined my happy outlook on life.  Here’s how. The warm sunshine smiled upon our family as our newest member smiled a sloppy grin.  My dad informed us we were dog-sitting for one […]

Poo to the Rescue

In the movie I am Legend Will Smith plays Robert Neville, a doctor who believes he is the lone survivor after a virus destroys the human population.  Some survivors mutated into zombie-vampire creatures that roams the night willing to eat anything, much like me after a Monday afternoon shift.  In […]


Super Powers 2

All people have superpowers. Some powers are better than others; however, we all have them.  Do you never lose socks in the dryer?  Yeah, that’s your superpower, try defeating Loki with that one, chump. Some people have more than one.  I discovered one of mine while on my med-school rotation […]