And my Favorite Part Was When I Did Not Wet My Pants In Anger 1

A friend of mine owns his own window washing company. He is loud, boisterous, energetic, and utterly fantastic.  He works ridiculously hard, and makes all his customers expectations are exceeded. He recently told me about a potential customer of his. The person called and demanded that he come over and wash […]


Helping the Unhelpable!

I truly wish I had magic.  Not just card tricks or my amazing ability to poop fast.  No.  I want the Harry Potter type stuff.  The sad truth is that I don’t.  However, fortunately for me I have the next best thing, people who believe with every fiber of their […]

Robs magic stethoscope


I like to give back.   In the past, I participated in mission retreats, helped built schools, and I usually brush my back hair before going to work, just because I’m a nice guy.  This is a story about giving, and how by being a giver, you can be an idiot. […]