Bad Superpowers

As a kid, I always wished I had superpowers. Then I turned into an adult. Now I REALLY wish I had superpowers. However, I learned that some gifts are also a curse. Take for instance some of the X-men. Nightcrawler for example has in my opinion one of the coolest abilities. He has the ability […]

ER Quotes, Round 11

Some quotes heard in some ER somewhere.     Random ER person: I just unleashed a dump the entire length of my colon Nurse:  And I bet the turd gobbler just wouldn’t eat the whole thing         Nurse (getting a temperature on young child) Mom: At home […]

Feces on a stick (huge street vender fly selling shit)


Scooby Doo ER

Sometimes during shifts, I like to talk about cartoons.  By “sometimes,” I mean whenever I can wedge it forcefully into every conversation. Nurse: “Doc, this guy got shot in the leg!” Me: “Oh man, this is just like that episode of Caillou (<–Click it) where he gets a mauled by 200 crazed […]