Street Team

Hey Guys, if you were directed here it means you responded that you were interested in helping me with my novel.  First of all, THANK YOU!  I truly appreciate it.  Here’s how I’m hoping this will work out.

1.  Subscribe.  If you could please subscribe  by filling out the

Name/Email blanks to the right: Look on the upper right  –>  –>  –>  –>

2.  Get Book.  I realized people don’t want home addresses online, so if you’re still interested, please email me your home address at

so I can get a copy of the novel to you.  Or, if you want to make some other arrangement to get it, just let me know and I’ll try to get it to you.


3.  Read and make notes.  I’ll try to get the book to you ASAP.  Remember, this is a pre-release copy, so no sharing.  Sorry, but this is a pretty much for your eyes only copy until the actual book comes out, thanks!  After receiving your copy…

Read the Book.

Remember to make notes!  Underline, highlight, or do whatever but please KEEP TRACK of what you think.  If you find yourself thinking “what about X?” write it down!  If there’s a part you absolutely loved, write it down! I can’t learn anything unless you tell me!

4. Feedback.  Once you are done (hopefully in the ~2 weeks after you get it), let me know what you thought, what you loved, what you hated, any edits/thoughts/insights send back to me via email (if you want to giv the whole manuscript back, that is fine, but it is your book to keep otherwise (who knows, if this thing explodes maybe they’ll be worth something (don’t hold your breath))).




UPDATE  1/10/15


WOW!  What a great outpouring of support!  Thank you all!   I’m going to try to keep everyone organized and updated as much as possible.  I’ll keep track of when I send you the book so if you forget I’ll try to get back to you and see how all y’all are doing (but I was hoping for 10 and so far I have 37 people responding, woohoo!  So far, I have 0/37 signed up, but I sent the invites out about 20 seconds ago.


UPDATE 4/23/15


Round 1 of the Street Team is officially done and holy cats did you guys rock!

I made (with all your help) over 700 different corrections and changes to the book.  Thank you!



Here’s the gist of it again if you forgot

What’s in it for you?

1.  You’ll get an very advanced copy of the novel (pre-published copy).

2.  You’ll get behind the scenes secrets about book 2 (which is already finished, though unedited).

3.  You likely will help shape this and following novels.

4.  If you help me with all this, I will also put your name in the credits at the end of the book! 5

5.  I’m also working on other ideas/swag (T-shirts? coffee mugs? not sure just yet, I’m new to this ).

What I want from you.

1. I want you to read my novel and give me honest feedback (preferably finish the book before Jan 31).
2. When I formally publish it, you provide honest feedback on review sites (Amazon).
3. Help me with promotions (I’m planning on having business cards with the book and how to get it to hand out to people who may be interested in it, thus I’d ask my street team to help by spreading the love)

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