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I wrote an entry a while ago about my experience helping someone hurt on an airplane.  It involves an exploded diaper and being assaulted by 53,388 pillows.  My brother, however, just had a recent experience that possibly trumps my own.

So there he was, enjoying his miniature pouch of pretzels and diet Faygo Red Pop (that’s right, in my story my brother drinks diet Faygo Red Pop, hahaha, jerk).  When all of the sudden, he heard the dreaded “if there is a doctor aboard the aircraft, could you please come forward.”  My brother, utilizing all of his training he learned from years in the world of finance, calmly continued to enjoy his pretzels.  This was, of course, until he found out what had caused the mid-air emergency.

A passenger was overwhelmed by the violence she saw on the in flight movie.


She called for a mid flight emergency because a movie scared her.

Once landed, every other passenger on the entire plane had to wait so she could be quickly ushered off the plane for an emergency evaluation.

I would have loved to be the physician so that I could have said… “really?  No, wait… REALLY?”  but I digress.

Now, I personally have had one panic attack before. I get it, they are terrible.  But… a movie?  On a plane?  Really?  I don’t think they play anything  scary or violent.  I mean, I’ve seen Big Hero 6 about ten times, and I get emotional every time at the end, but I didn’t need to call for help.

Couldn’t you, I don’t know, turn the movie off?


It’s almost as bad as someone coming into the ER after almost (but not) crashing their bicycle into another bicycle.  But no one would come in for that, right?




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