Asthmatic Smokers Demand Cure For Cough!


HOW IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED (What I’m thinking is in parenthesis)


Me: So what brings you to the ER today Bryttanee? (this girl smells like a chimney)

Bryttanee the Super-genius: I’m really short of breath. I’ve had a cough and can’t breath for 2 months.

Me: Alrighty. Well, it says here you have asthma, right (2 months?  Today is an emergency because…)

Supergenius: Yeah, but whatever, I don’t think it’s that.

Me: Uh-huh. Have you been taking your medications (why do I ask questions when I know the answer)

SG: Whatever, no. I can’t afford them, they cost too much.

Me: Oh, sorry. You know most of them are really cheap, like 4 dollars, and some of the are free.

SG: Whatever, well, I don’t like taking them either.

Me: I see (I don’t see)

SG:  Phenergan with Codeine cough syrup is the only thing that helps

Me: Yeah, this is asthma (now I see)

SG:  You think so?

Me:   Do you smoke (we both know this answer)?

SG:   Not much.

Me: How much do you smoke? (why are you lying to me)

SG: Well, I’ve been cutting down with this cough.

Me: How much do you smoke? (your lies makes puppies and pandas cry)

SG: About five cigarrettes a day

Me: Really? (poor, sad, sad panda)

SG: I mean, about a pack a day.

Me: You know, you really shouldn’t smoke (duh) especially if you are an asthmatic.

SG: Whetever, I’ve heard that before

Me:  You know, If you stopped smoking for 1 week, you could all of your medications for a few months.

SG: Yeah, well, I don’t think that’s causing this.

Me: You’re a wheezing asthmatic smoking a pack of cigarettes every day (why do I keep trying logic?)

SG: So, can I get an antibiotic and some Phenergan cough syrup?

Me: No.  But a breathing treatment and steroids actually might help (please don’t say “whatever”)

SG: Whatever.


Here’s some motivation for you smokers out there…

smoking funn



Though this might be the better motivation for all the male smokers…

smoke bad


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