100th Post Rant on Pokes (not Pokemon)

I wish I didn’t have to post this, but this topic is like an evil phoenix, continuing to rise from the ashes of idiocy.

During the recent Republican pre-presidential debate, current front-runner Donald Trump alleged a link between autism and vaccines.

See Here:

Jump to 1:55 in the video for the start.  Put aside any positive feeling you might somehow have for Donald Trump, and listen to the idiocy.

Let’s put politics aside and look at some facts.

A metanalysis (big study) involving over a million (1,000,000) vaccinated children showed no discernible link between autism and vaccines.  Autismspeaks.org has noted this in their own article (click here).  But that study was old… 2014.

Fortunately, another one has been performed aimed at children considered “high risk” for being autistic which, not shockingly, also showed no link between vaccines and autism.  Here’s an article about that.

What is really the scariest thing is that people are listening to Trump and acting on his advice.  Vaccines are one of the greatest triumphs in medical history.  Remember how you or your kids were terrified to go out and play in the summer?  No?  Well, in the 1940’s and 1950’s they were.  Over 35,000 people a year were crippled by polio a year (per CDC website here).  Oh, and don’t get me started about how measles is on a comeback (click)

For a Fantastic honest assessment of what really happened, Check this out!

The fact is that most of the anti-vaccine people have very little respect for the diseases the medical community as a whole are trying to wipe out.  Before vaccines, ~9000 people DIED from whooping cough every year.  Now, roughly 20 people die to pertussis.

Man, do I get irked over this topic, but the misinformation has cost lives.  Many lives!

Here’s a great summary I love (warning… naughty language)



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