I’m a Sexy Honeybun

Sometimes a patient comes along that makes the whole shift amaze-balls.

I walk into the room.

The patient stops singing because of course he is singing at the top of his lungs a song that only he knows.

Me: Hello, what brings you into the ER today.

Patient: Wow, aren’t you just my sexy honeybun.

Me: (not sure what to say)…

Patient: (starts singing for a little bit. Then my midlevel walks by the room, she has white hair). “Heeeeey girl! Look at your hair, girl you got it going on! You look like a sexy Mrs. Clause!”

Then, every time I went near the room he kept yelling out praises for me. I had my only personal cheering squad. It was marvelous.

I needed this patient. He pretty much made the rest of the shift fantastic. I continued to tell my scribe for the rest of the shift to refer to me as Dr. Honeybun.


Though, I also had a patient angry that I did not prescribe her a medication.  She was NOT angry about not getting narcotics. Nope.  You see, it was the night after a thunderstorm. She had been woken up by thunder. Then she came to the ER. Cheif complaint: Struck by lightning. While in bed. Inside a house. No pain. No burn. House was fine. She woke up and believed to her core that she had been struck by lightning.

Her: I need some medicine for this.

Me: For what?

Her: I got struck my lightning!

Me: Ah. Well, is anything wrong?

Her: It was very scary.

Me: I’m sure it was, and how are you now?

Her: I’m fine, nothing is wrong now, but I need medicine.

Me: For the lightning?

Her: Yes.

Me: Ma’am, I’m afraid there isn’t any “got struck by lightning” medicine.

Her: Are you sure?


I still love my job, you just can’t make it up :)

"Don't worry Mum, if there's a storm and lightning, I'll stay safely next to Bob: My teacher said that lightning always hits the highest point..."




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