Scooby Doo ER

Sometimes during shifts, I like to talk about cartoons.  By “sometimes,” I mean whenever I can wedge it forcefully into every conversation.

Nurse: “Doc, this guy got shot in the leg!”

Me: “Oh man, this is just like that episode of Caillou (<–Click it) where he gets a mauled by 200 crazed badgers and then shot repeatedly!”

Nurse: “Um, was that really an episode?”

Me: (pointing to head): “Up here it was…”


Sometimes the similarities are there, if you look through a chaotic, Brandtastic lens.  For example, sometimes the ER actually IS like a cartoon.  Let me pick one completely not at random.

Scooby Doo.

The ER is like Scooby Doo.


Let’s just do a run down of the characters, shall we?

The Villain:  In the ER, the Scooby Doo villain is usually the disease or ailment.  Some episode we know who it is right from the start.  They have all the kids in the van, they are visiting Velma’s aunt, and then there’s only one other new character.  No, I don’t think Velma’s aunt is robbing banks so that she can continue to live in her crappy house.  Maybe it’s the guy who wanted to keep everyone away so he could rob the “abandoned” gold mine.  It’s gotta be old man Jenkin’s.   Though, in the ER, when we pull off the fake rubber mask: “it’s old man syphilis, trying to get in the brains again!”  Syphilis: “I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids (though isn’t it usually meddling kids who get syphilis (I digress))!”

scoobysyphilis<— It’s Old Man Syphilis, maybe he knows why this thing’s leaking?


Fred: Fred’s the doc.  Fred is the blond haired leader of the group. He’s the one splitting up the teams (“Me and Daphne will be upstairs checking out the bedrooms, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby can go outside to the haunted graveyard where we just heard gunshots and screaming.  Yeah, you guys check that out).  Fred’s the one with the traps (tests & radiology) to catch the villain at the end.


Velma: Nurses are Velma. Velma is usually the uncelebrated hero of the group. She gets crap done, often with little thanks to her hard work or brilliance.  The rest of the gang just nod and smile whenever, yet again, over and over, Velma saves the day and the whole group takes credit.  Without Velma this party falls apart, unless of course she loses her glasses.



Daphne: Daphne is techs. Daphne is also an unsung hero of the group.  Often overshadowed by Velma, she also gets work done that can be unappreciated (EKGs, walking patients, etc). These three are the core of the team.


Shaggy: Shaggy is the EMS/first responders.  Also often unappreciated, until you step back and really take a look.  Who brings the villain to the trap.  Who, every single frickin’ episode, acts as bait so this glowing terrifying apparition can be lured into Fred’s trap? They risk life and limb, and then they are amazingly underpaid in Scooby Snacks, a dog treat, for risking their lives.

shaggy<– This is Shaggy punching out the friggin’ Joker.


ScoobyDoo:  Okay, here’s where the analogy falls apart. Maybe Scooby is a very drunk guy who came with EMS (Shaggy).  No one knows how Scooby became part of the team, other than he was a package deal with Shaggy.  He randomly blunders through the episode looking for food and accidentally screwing up the traps Fred tries to set for the Villain.  He continuously distracts Shaggy, who loves him despite his faults.  He’s continuously hungry.  Also, no one can really understand what the heck he’s talking about for most of the episode.  Then again, sometimes you just have to love Scooby, despite his unintelligible ramblings.



What do you think?  Any cartoons that you think are like the ER?

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