How to change your Perspective 1

Sometimes, you just can’t help but feeling like Mr. sad Owl.


Let me pretend I’m you for a minute (ooh, don’t I suddenly feel so sexy).  Now I’ll go through a quick list of five random bad things that happened today and how to change perspective.


1. I stubbed my toe when I woke up (you list as bad thing, I list as “hey, now it doesn’t hurt anymore and I’m over it)

2. I woke up late for work and had to rush (I list as whew, though a crazy rushed morning, I still made it in time, who rules, I do!)

3. Had to make coffee because Janice (friggin’ Janice!) took the last cup (I list as meh, no big, fresh coffee is better any ways)

4. Had to poop at work (I have the advantage here, I can poop like a ninja and be in and out in less time than you can pee, so, sorry, I’m just better at this than you, don’t take it personally, (we all have our superpowers))

5. Forgot the to-go breakfast you left on the counter (but now it’s later, and you got to eat whereas thousands today did not (feel guilty yet? check out Mr. Wet Owl, he also had a bad day)


You see?  Changing perspective is easy.

Ok, maybe it is not always so easy.

Everyone has reasons to be pessimistic or optimistic. I think the world might just be a happier place with more optimists, but again, that’s just my opinion happy.  Your attitude is under your control, the rest of the world, not so much.


Don’t be like Mr. Owl.  Or, even worse, Mr. Swan.

mean swan


Swans are jerks.  They are the crotchety mean people yelling at kids from their porch and chasing them with canes.

This is where I learned about perspective.


I’ll never forget what I said at the time:

“Glark, book-ook, munganga-ka dee!!!”

Ah, yes, those epic words will stay with me forever.  I blurched these noises while learning how to barefoot water-ski.  During this experience I FELL HARD while going 38 miles per hour and 2000 gallons of water rushed directly into my crotch.

As I sat, floating in the water and choking back vomit, I realized that sometimes things don’t always go as planned. You see, despite many years of being the youngest in the family, I somehow maintain the attitude (or delusion) that optimism is still the way to go.  It simply boils down to perspective.  Whether something is good or bad often depends on your attitude.  It’s true!

Now it might be hard to consider falling while barefooting a good thing, at least it did not happen near the swans.  I literally could not move.  I am certain if I had fallen near those beautiful white bastards they would have swam over and pecked my eyes out.  No, seriously, swans are mean pecking maniacs (at least the ones at this lake were).  So there you go, there’s always a reason to be happy, mainly because you didn’t get your eyes pecked out.




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