My Pretty Pony Birthday 5

At work a long time ago I stole one of my nurses’ daily planner. I put in a message for her to buy me a pink pony for me on my birthday. This was one of my many lame attempts at humor that she would eventually see and have a nice chuckle.

Unless, of course, she gets me a pink pony for my birthday.

Then this happened.

Thus, on my birthday, I received a picture of a pink pony every hour on the hour for my entire shift, as well as a beautiful pony themed cake.

I have a daughter, thus I do have an encyclopedic knowledge of My Little Pony, which is why I know that those two ponies are Twilight Sparkle and Applejack. This of course triggered my fellow ER doc to call me a “Brony.”

A “Brony” is an adult who loves watching My Little Pony.

This is not made up. <—(wow!)

Just because I know the episode that includes a doctor taking care of Rainbow Dash when she learns about the joy of reading from Twilight Sparkle after reading Daring Doo books (since she was an earthbound Pegasus after breaking her wing) doesn’t mean I’m a brony.

OK, I’m an unintentional brony, but the show actually is quite good.

I have come to the realization that anything animated sticks in my brain like a lamprey, thus, off the top of my head let me count how many ponies I can name… I got to 25.

For those of you who want to know this is the list of young children’s cartoons from needing eye-bleach to awesome:

Awful  —–        —— Kinda Bad ——            —– OK —–         —– Pretty Good —–          —– Excellent

Caillou < Wonderpets < Dora < Sophia  <Micky’s Clubhouse < Bubble Guppies < MLP & Phineas and Ferb.

CaillouWonderpetsDoraSophiaMickeyBubbleGuppiesmlpPhineus and Ferb

(Images from Wikipedia)

For those of you who love Caillou, you are entitled to your own stupid and terribly wrong opinion.  His nearly continuous whine pierces your soul and doesn’t stop until you just want to bludgeon his bald head with an over-sized crayon.

Wonderpets is terrible for one reason: Ming-Ming the duck with a speech impediment.  Sewiously, it’s weally annoying.

Dora is mostly harmless in very small doses.  However, somewhere after a few episodes, like a slowly growing wart on your consciousness she becomes painful to even tolerate.

Sofia is mostly harmless and has some redeeming value.  Similarly the Mickey Mouse clubhouse can be repetitive, but at least the characters you remember and love from your childhood.  Plus there’s the Hot-dog dance.

Bubble Guppies I want to hate, but every time I watch it I find myself laughing and I have a catchy tune in my head.

My little Pony is fantastic.

Phineas and Ferb rocks.  Creative, fabulous writing, animation, and songs.  I have been at work and had songs ringing through my head all day long.

What do you think?  Is the order right?  Let me know below what you think (only kids cartoons allowed for the order)

This is unless of course you want any actual redeeming value from the program. If you want that, have your kid watch Daniel the Tiger’s neighborhood and be done with it.

Since you came here to see something new, here’s a unicorn doctor cartoon you likely have NOT seen, enjoy.  This is me if I was a magical pink unicorn doctor (again, not making it up)


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5 thoughts on “My Pretty Pony Birthday

  • Alicia Gray

    Dr. Brandt, every time I have worked with you, we have discussed My Little Pony. You are a Brony.

    Unfortunately, since I do not have kids, I am not really familiar with the above cartoons and cannot comment on them. But I’ve been told that my taste in children’s programming isn’t that solid; I saw Yo Gabba Gabba once and thought it was hilarious.

  • Sueann Unger

    It was an awesome birthday that we were able to celebrate with you! Your My Little Pony birthday cake was the perfect ending! I think you have done a great job with your evaluation of cartoons but personally I do love Wonderpets and I find the speech impeded duck adorable! I have watched many cartoons over the past 13 years with my grandkids so do have some insight. Great post!