MonstER 1


Monster ER:


I work in the monster ED,

Where patient’s intentions are seedy,

Some creatures come dripping, and oozing with slime,

Cantankerous, devious, covered in grime,

Already their living on some borrowed time

And some of them really are needy.


I really enjoy working here,

Though sometimes I really must fear,

Some creatures of dark, come searching for help,

And yes, I confess, I often do yelp,

Some swamp things arrived all covered in kelp,

And into their wounds I must peer.


Sometimes at my job I do dread,

Certain creatures are lacking a head,

Or my clientele, is a demon from Hell,

Or a vampire that hears all your thoughts like a bell,

Or banshees with a voices you just want to quell,

If you don’t then you will soon be dead.


The werewolf with lowered albumin?

Not to mention his fur needed groomin’?

It’s true that a mummy might be lacking in tact,

And some of my patients my soul they’d extract,

Though one thing that’s an undisputable fact.

They have to be better than humans.



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