Inside Your Head

One of my friends at work recently comments “I would love to be in your brain for an hour.”

I responded “I think you’d come out delighted, possibly nauseated, but most likely confused.”

Speaking of inside your head, have you seen the trailers for Inside Out?  It’s the newest Pixar movie coming out soon, go check it out… amazing.  <ahem> anywho…

Confession time…   I. Love. Cartoons.

It’s no big secret if you have ever worked with me.  Or if you have ever read more than 2 of my blogs in a row.

Seriously… (click here for another cartoon blog about my pretty pony birthday, or click here for one with awesome theme songs!)

I mean, I can hardly make it through a shift without some random 20 year old cartoon popping into my mind.  It’s a blessing and a curse.

For example, when I see the 350 pound woman for her shortness of breath she is quite often married to some bony faced weirdo who just won’t stop grinning like an idiot.  Now, most people would shrug this off and continue seeing the patient.  Me?  Sorry, no.  My brain immediately creates a Skeletor motivational poster.


skeletor motivational


Now, hopefully, you remember He-Man, but more often than not, the things that pop into my brain are much more obscure.

The other day I took care of a nice young woman with back pain after a fall.  Her friend, however, had the most nasal, brain-piercingly annoying voice, and continued to interrupt me while I took my history from the patient.  The non-patient kept jumping in, going on and on about all of her problems with back pain.  So what pops in my brain?  Did you guess Snarf from the Thundercats?  No?  Well there he was.




Now I know I’ve mentioned before that Caillou is the most annoying character from any cartoon… ever.  I don’t go back on that statement, but Snarf is probably a really close second.

Other times, people simply look like characters.  That crouched over semi-creepy old man?  <pop goes the brain>, that’s Dungeon Master.




See that guy with the giant nose and huge mustache?  Yep, I’m going straight to Wild Thornberries.



Awkward blond girl who keeps randomly dancing around the room?  Yeah, that’s Deedee.


I’d like to say I’m making these things up.  Maybe I am.  No, no I’m not.

In fact, even when I met one of my coworkers and I saw a cool stripe in his hair, my mind went to Freakazoid! Not my fault, I had hardly met him and only now after the fact do I know the association fits.


I have to (unfortunately) do rectal exams all the time.  What pops in my head?  1,000 years of pain from Naruto.


So now you know.


You know how I get through a day.


Mostly by quietly giggling to myself.  Oh and thank you all!  I just got my 500th subscriber!  Woohoo!







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