ER Quotes #2

Just a random collection of things I heard in the ER, enjoy.




Nurse 1 to Nurse 2: “Did you sleep today?  You look like s*#t!”




Nurse1: “Shh shh, Rob.  Don’t worry, I’m the urine whisperer.”




Tech: “I got some lube on my thingy, I mean tool, I mean… nevermind”




Nurse3: “You can get anything but pregnant in your mouth”




Doc:  “This patient is suffering from TMB, ‘too many birthdays.'”




Social worker:  “I’m pretty sure A**hole is a personality disorder”




Nurse4: “I’m going to take out my voodoo doll, because I don’t think you are taking me seriously”




EMS:  “A wise man said, build a man a fire, he’s warm for the night, light a man on fire, he’s warm for the rest of his life.”




Nurse: “Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t have stuffed that barbie doll in there?”




Nurse 1: “I think we need to bring prohibition back..”

Nurse 2: “But then where would we work?”



Doc: “One day, when I eat Ethiopian food, I’ll come over and fart in your face and make you hungry.”

Me:  “Uh, thank you?”




Me:  “You know I do everything in my power to keep the nurses smiling.”

Doc2:  “Brandt, that’s a red light.”




Me:  “Go scroll up on the upper right sidebar and click LIKE so that you make me happy.”






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