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This is a blog where I post various medical observations, things about writing, and life in general I find amusing.

The Smell that Melted My Basement

So often in medicine, we forget that the person in the bed has more in their life than being a patient. I see people on what may potentially be the worst day of their lives.  With the random exceptions (“hey, I took a pregnancy test at home and it was […]

How Do They know Where it's going?

Feces on a stick (huge street vender fly selling shit)

ER Quotes, Round 11

Some quotes heard in some ER somewhere.     Random ER person: I just unleashed a dump the entire length of my colon Nurse:  And I bet the turd gobbler just wouldn’t eat the whole thing         Nurse (getting a temperature on young child) Mom: At home […]

ED Quotes #10

  Things overheard in the ER, round 10.   Nurse on phone: “Oh, well, that’s nice that you’re going to donate your body.”       Doctor: “So why is he here?” Police: “Yeah, um, I guess he was attacking a house with a spatula.”         Nurse: […]


Scooby Doo ER

Sometimes during shifts, I like to talk about cartoons.  By “sometimes,” I mean whenever I can wedge it forcefully into every conversation. Nurse: “Doc, this guy got shot in the leg!” Me: “Oh man, this is just like that episode of Caillou (<–Click it) where he gets a mauled by 200 crazed […]