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What does that E stand for again?

Why ER medicine?

“When was the exact moment when you decided go into Emergency medicine?” Evan, a friend and former scribe in my ER posed this question to me recently. I remember it like it was yesterday… (insert flashback waves) There I was, strapped to a gurney screaming my head off. I writhed […]

ER Quotes: Episode 13

Some random things overheard around an ER. Enjoy.     Chief Complaint: “Unresponsive. No Other Complaints.”           Nurse (about patient screaming from their hangnail pain): “Dr. Ama. Paging Dr.Ama…”   Inebriate in Hall (screaming): “I have an idea. Wait. No. I THINK I have an idea!: […]


We are doing just fine aaaand… We’re Doomed

It comes as a shock to nobody that in the ER some patients come in after doing “research.” Now, I fully support understanding disease and independent research. However, when “research” equates to a four-minute google/WebMD search, I have issues.  Often patients convince themselves that they have some extremely rare disease. “I READ IT! […]