And Then I got the Rabies 1

So a friend of a friend told me an interesting story, but I must paraphrase to protect the innocent, so let me tell you a new magical fairy-tale that has nothing to do with the ER.

Journey with me to the magical land of Naive, where anguish struck the heart of a young princess who only wanted to care for an injured creature.

Princess: “Oh, verily do I walk through these fine woods, but hark! What is this, an innocent woodland creature, struck down from its journey to spread happiness and joy to all. A young batling, some injury did fell this most beautiful flying mouse-creature of the night.

Bat: “Um, yeah, I’m not really here to spread happiness and joy. I mean, I try to eat as many mosquitoes as possible, so I AM awesome. It’s just an injured claw, I’ll be fine. I guess I’m a nice bat. Do you want to eat some of these mosquitoes?”

Princess: “You poor maimed creature, I shall take you to my castle for rehabilitation.”

Bat: “About that. Yeah, my claw is sore, but really, I’m fine. I’m an animal and I can fend for my– (interrupted by princess throwing a towel over him and her skipping to her castle).”

So the young princess attempted to strengthen the fine woodland creature, even though the creature was wild and had no desire to be brought into the strange surroundings. Shockingly, the princess got bit.

Princess: “Oh tranquil vexation, I have been mildly injured! Why would you repay such kindness with these actions? I blame you not, fine flying mammal.”

Bat: “I’m a bat. Not going to apologize here.”

Then she went to the ER to see if she had rabies.

It turns out that there was some good news!

She would not have to get a rabies shot. Since she had the animal in question, they could test the animal for this terrifying disease.


However, in order to test the animal they needed to decapitate the creature and test the brain for rabies. So the creature she tried to save had to be dissected to be sure she did not have a disease. If only… IF ONLY, there could have been some way to avoid this situation.

injured animals shark

I just feel sorry for the bat.

Moral of the story: Leave bats alone. Or take it to someone who knows how to take care of bats.


Ooh, addendum to the story… we currently found THIS just outside the ER all alone and helpless. We searched in all directions for the parents. No luck.



We’re sending this little cutie to the nearby nature center (could not find mommy duck).

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