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ER Quotes: Round 12

Just some stuff overheard in any random ER.   Doc1: I had a chlamydia shift last night. Doc2: Huh? Doc1: It was just a painful drip all night long               Nurse Practitioner:  The doc made her cry, but I also made her cry cause she’s […]


Bad Superpowers

As a kid, I always wished I had superpowers. Then I turned into an adult. Now I REALLY wish I had superpowers. However, I learned that some gifts are also a curse. Take for instance some of the X-men. Nightcrawler for example has in my opinion one of the coolest abilities. He has the ability […]


How Do They know Where it's going?

The Smell that Melted My Basement

So often in medicine, we forget that the person in the bed has more in their life than being a patient. I see people on what may potentially be the worst day of their lives.  With the random exceptions (“hey, I took a pregnancy test at home and it was […]