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Quotes #5

A few things overheard in the ER… oh, and a dictation for you to read at the end   PA:  Aricept may be a Alzheimer’s drug, but it sounds like someone mixing it on a turn-table Rob: What? Pa: Arr-arr arr- arr- arrrrricept! Rob: Or a rapping pirate?     […]

Entitlement and YOLO 1

So I took care of this nice young woman the other day. She was pregnant and having pain. I did some tests and she and her baby were fine. Everything was going perfectly till her friend (I’m guessing 17 years old) started helping. I fully encourage the asking of questions. […]


Street Team

Hey Guys, if you were directed here it means you responded that you were interested in helping me with my novel.  First of all, THANK YOU!  I truly appreciate it.  Here’s how I’m hoping this will work out. 1.  Subscribe.  If you could please subscribe  by filling out the Name/Email […]