Monthly Archives: June 2014

Automatic Sperm Extractor?

So, apparently in China, some dedicated Urologically inclined individual invented this: This is a device that can be used to assist men who have to give a sperm sample. I am not making this up. Here’s the video. This is the part where I would normally put a commentary, but I’m […]


The Truth Hurts 3

I talked with a frustrated ER buddy of mine. His frustration stemmed from patients lying to him. Now please don’t take this the wrong way.  The vast majority of my patients come in with honest problems an effuse more truth than I would ever want to know (oh, by the way […]

ER Quotes #2

Just a random collection of things I heard in the ER, enjoy.       Nurse 1 to Nurse 2: “Did you sleep today?  You look like s*#t!”       Nurse1: “Shh shh, Rob.  Don’t worry, I’m the urine whisperer.”       Tech: “I got some lube on my […]