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Maximize your Healthitude!! 1

I’m trying to get back in shape.  My current shape is rhombus, I need to upgrade to parallelogram, then, ultimately, up to triangle.  I will be Triangle Man Take a trip with me. Years ago, I swam and played tennis and often played ultimate Frisbee with my friends because it […]

Helping the Unhelpable!

I truly wish I had magic.  Not just card tricks or my amazing ability to poop fast.  No.  I want the Harry Potter type stuff.  The sad truth is that I don’t.  However, fortunately for me I have the next best thing, people who believe with every fiber of their […]

Robs magic stethoscope


I like to give back.   In the past, I participated in mission retreats, helped built schools, and I usually brush my back hair before going to work, just because I’m a nice guy.  This is a story about giving, and how by being a giver, you can be an idiot. […]