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Welcoming Our New Robot Doctor Overlords

The man became a myth and a legend: Ken Jennings. He went on Jeopardy and proceeded to kick Alex Trebec in the crotch for 74 straight episodes.  This is possibly what triggered Alex Trebec’s insanity, as shown below. The year was 2004, Usher’s Yeah! and Hoobastank’s the Reason were playing […]

IBM Watsom

ER Quotes #1

I love my job, it provides such great stories.  Sometimes I just have random quotes.  Enjoy.  All of these are ER related and terrible, I’ll give you a real post next Thursday.  Slightly modified to protect the not-so-innocent. Nurse:  This guy was insane, psychotic, worse than meth! Rob:  Think it […]

Let it Go 1

Let it Go. I just watched Frozen with my daughter.  The movie is fantastic.  The main character sings a sad song called “Let It Go” where she laments her childhood of isolation.  Currently, my daughter now rides her scooter around the house at 100 mph ramming it into our counters […]

Old beautiful woman