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Smell You Later

In residency I had to memorize different smells that are associated with disease processes. For example, the smell of garlic smell could alarm me for organophosphates. Patient smells like almonds? Well, that patient has cyanide poisoning, or they just ate almonds. The smell of cannibis might trigger you to be […]


Just a Re-enactment.  No actual puke was hurt in the remaking of this event.

Mind the Backsplash

 JD Hancock via Compfight, Not all that long ago, anyone who overdosed had their “stomach pumped.”  This meant a large tube would be inserted into their mouth, down their esophagus, and into their stomach.  Then water would be poured in and sucked out in an effort to remove any extra medications still […]

Kombucha 4

A friend recently introduced into the wonderful world of Kombucha.  This is a fermented tea which is gaining popularity due to its alleged health/probiotic qualities. One of my buddies from residency is a giant freakin’ hippy.  OK, he’s not really a hippy, but he does brew his own Kombucha and offered […]

These are stored slime-nightmares

Super Powers 2

All people have superpowers. Some powers are better than others; however, we all have them.  Do you never lose socks in the dryer?  Yeah, that’s your superpower, try defeating Loki with that one, chump. Some people have more than one.  I discovered one of mine while on my med-school rotation […]


Strangers 2

Sometimes the oddest thing about being an ER doc is that people have absolutely no problem opening up to you.  Now, most of the time I am perfectly fine with this.  I want my patients to feel free to share the details about their lives that may be pertinent to […]